Federation Fan Fiction is the spot to read all my new Star Trek fiction. All of these stories take place in the Star Trek universe, with most in the Next Generation to Voyager time span. I like to explore new characters and situations that might be hard to do within the constraints of the TV series, so I've struck out on my own, generally using all new characters. Due to the generosity of certain very creative people, I'm also able to offer illustrations of the various ships you'll encounter in my stories.
02.04.02 Finally, the last chapter of A Planet Too Far is done. I started this story almost a year ago and had no idea that it would go as long as it would. And it will be a long time before I try a project of this size again. But go here to read Chapter 21 and the Epilogue. Also, a minor correction: I had mistakenly "promoted" Tony Martinez to Captain in Chapter 20, but I fixed it and he is correctly a lieutenant again.

What's coming up? Look for a new story in my Timberwolf series and also an upcoming post-Dominion War storyline that looks at the consequences of some actions taken by DS9's Sisko that cause another interstellar war. This one will be a collaboration with an up and coming author. Send me an email to be put on my notification list so that you know when the stories are available or keep looking at Trek Writer's Guild's list of new stories.

01.29.02 After a month of work, Chapter Twenty is now ready! If you thought the last chapter was big, this is even bigger. The end of the battle for Callessus nears, but heroic sacrifices have to be made. I think this is some of my best writing yet, but I guess that's up to you to decide. Let me know what you think. [email]
12.10.01 I have a special treat in store. Chapter Nineteen is almost twice as long as my previous chapters, simply because I didn't want to break up the suspense. Here we have the recon Marines sent on a special mission of infiltration. But they pick up some unexpected guests.
12.05.01 Wow, I'm writing at warp speed now. Chapter Eighteen is done. In it I describe how a Starfleet Marine artillery battery would work and we see Dahltenn confront Madrel about the losses being suffered by the Dominion.
12.01.01 Chapter Seventeen of A Planet Too Far has been posted. This was the most difficult chapter to right, not because of the subject matter, but because of some awful writer's block. I think I've pushed through it now and the next chapter won't take a month to write.
10.29.01 Chapter Sixteen is now ready. It is almost an interlude to the large final battle for Callessus. The recon company takes some time off to rest and recoup, while the Dominion garrison commander gets a nasty surprise.
10.14.01 In Chapter Fifteen of A Planet Too Far, the Dominion fleet tries a counterattack against the Allied forces guarding the Marines on Callessus. If the enemy breaks through every soldier on the planet is at risk.
09.22.01 The latest chapter of A Planet Too Far is up. In Chapter Fourteen, the recon Marines have to evacuate a native village, but things go awry. Tony has to defeat the enemy, lead his troops, and save the innocent bystanders. Can he do it?
The Stories
USS Timberwolf: Boosters: The USS Timberwolf is an Akira Class starship on its first mission when it encounters a gang of hijackers or "boosters" led by an intriguing and beautiful woman.
A Planet Too Far: Taking place just after the events of the Deep Space 9 episode The Return, this is the story of one of the major operations of the Dominion War as the Starfleet Marines attempt to take an enemy-controlled planet that has become a major intelligence-gathering outpost. Unfortunately this outpost is heavily defended ...
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Reference Materials
A small tactical fighter used primarily for close air support and planetary defense in service with the Starfleet Marines and Interceptor squadrons. Larger than a runabout, these specially equipped shuttles sneak small units onto planets, to starbases, and to starships.
A small vessel used primarily to carry company-sized ground units into hostile areas. A massive vessel that can carry almost a full Starfleet Marine division (up to 17,000) to make a planetary assault.
Table of organization and equipment of a typical division of Starfleet's ground forces.
About Me
My name is Domenico Bettinelli, Jr., a non-geeky(!!) Sicilian-Russian-French-American guy who was born just a year after Star Trek:TOS left the air the first time. Some of my earliest memories are of watching Star Trek with my dad in reruns, which is what propelled me to my lifelong love of SF and ST, in particular. I am a journalist by profession, and as we know, every journalist secretly aspires to be a best-selling novelist. Well, this is my toe in the water. I hope you enjoy my stories. Please let me know what you think.

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